Japanese Experience in Penang

by Pink Hibiscus Club

In Penang, we have a close-knit Japanese community of about 3,500 people. Despite not being particularly huge in terms of numbers, the contributions towards Penang’s cultural diversity are immense and remarkable. An example is the Pink Hibiscus Club, formed in 2005, which has been instrumental in promoting Japanese culture to Penang. Japanese calligraphy, yoga, and kimono sessions, to name a few, are very popular with the locals. Thanks for continuously enriching our cultural life and cultural scene here for the many past decades.

With this content series, we spotlight, celebrate, and amplify Penang's Japanese experience and the community whose cultural contributions reverberate around the globe. Bookmark this page and remember to check back as we continue adding new content.

Culture Guides


Workshop · Tanjung Tokong

Language Exchange & Kimono Workshop

Exhibition · Gurney Drive

Amazing Japanese Exhibition

Workshop · Gurney Drive

Mofu Zori Weaving

Workshop · Gurney Drive

Tanabata Wish Writing


Activities · Gurney Drive

Kimono Rental · 着物レンタル

Please book an appointment. 着物を予約したいお客様は、お電話でお申し込みを受け付けています。

Activities · Gurney Drive

Calligraphy · 書道

RM5 per session Adults only No experience required


Traditional Dance · 新舞踊

Japanese Stage Dance

Activities · Gurney Drive

Japanese Drums · 和太鼓


Japanese Yoga · ヨ ガ

骨盤調整ヨガ 英国ITECセラピスト、全米ヨガアライアンスRYT500 日本語で指導致します


English Classes · 英語

大人向け英会話 ​子供向け英語家庭教師 時間を予約したい方は、お電話でお申し込みを受け付けています

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