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Hanfu, literally 'Han clothes,' refers to the traditional dress of the Han ethnic group that dates back to more than 4,700 years ago, before the Qing Dynasty (1636–1912). It is considered a symbol of authentic Chinese culture and has recently seen a resurgence in popularity among young Chinese people who have been drawn to the cultural significance and beauty of the garments.

Hanfu is composed of a loose upper garment called yi (/ee/) 衣) with sleeves and a skirt-like lower garment called shang (/shung/ 裳). The belt sash was often decorated with jade. Hanfu greatly influenced clothing traditions in neighboring Asian countries, such as the Japanese kimono, the Korean hanbok, and the Vietnamese Áo giao lĩnh.

Penang has a significant Chinese population and many local Hanfu enthusiasts have been organizing events to showcase this ancient traditional clothing. Through these events, Hanfu is experienced and celebrated in Penang, and it is being normalized and accepted like modern clothing. We will explore the Hanfu experience in Penang, delving into the cultural significance and beauty of Hanfu, as well as the events and initiatives that showcase this ancient traditional clothing in the state.

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